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My love of making and wearing costumes goes back to when I was watching old science fiction movies and TV shows on the black and white television we had.  My imagination was sparked by the monsters on “Star Trek”, “Lost In Space”, “The Outer Limits”, and “The Twilight Zone” among others.   I knew I could make costumes just like the ones I saw on the television.  I made a Morlock costume based on the original “Time Machine” movie complete with glowing eyes when I was nine years old.

I’ve been making costumes for myself, my friends and my family ever since.   I taught myself to sew and learned how to work leather.   I’ve taught myself how to use latex and look with a critical eye on how costumes have been constructed.  When I got married to Suzanne, I found that she was just as into making costumes as much as I was.  It didn’t hurt that she could sew and had just as vivid an imagination as I did. 

Whenever Halloween came around, we’d make a set of complimentary costumes.  One year it might be an alien slave trader and his slave girl, a werewolf and a cheerleader, a sea monster and a beach bunny, a gorilla and a jungle explorer, or WWI Pilot and a mermaid.  We found we could pretty much make whatever we could dream up.  For over 35 years, we’ve won quite a few contests and had a lot of fun.  When we had children, they got involved as well.  Our daughter Ariana and our son Marcello have gotten into it too and they are costumers in their own right.  The love of making costumes is a family affair and Halloween at the Parodi house is a big affair.  Each year we choose a theme and then we make our costumes around that theme. 

Since that time Sue and I have made costumes of every type and covering every genre.  We make fanciful costumes, ape costumes, aliens of all types, super heroes and heroines, and medieval costumes and armor.  We can even make costumes for horses and dogs if the need arises or as the fancy takes us.   We all have a lot of fun.

Today’s cosplay and convention scene has exploded.  Conventions run the gamut from Star Trek, Star Wars and Steampunk to Little Pony and Furry conventions.  People go to these conventions dressed as their favorite super hero or characters from games, movies or television series.

Now that I’m retired after spending thirty years in the military serving this great nation, I’ve decided to see if I can make my love of costuming into a family business.   We’d like to help others realize their desires to become whatever character they want. 

Our costumes and products are durable and made to stand up to the rigors of wearing them for hours at cons and parties.  We are committed to making quality products that bring you years of enjoyment. Our motto is “If you can dream it, we can make it.”   


Let us make your dreams come true.

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