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From leather corsets and deerskin dresses to leather bags and pouches or Leather chaps to holsters and belts, we can make just about anything you have in mind. We can also make horse tack and medieval saddles and caparison.  Much of what we make is made to order from original patterns and hand-stitched.

Metal, Leather, Plastic, Foam or something else. 


Need a pistol, a spear or a grappling hook gun?  We're the place to get it.  How about a spear or a ray gun cane?  We can make those for you too.  Want a jet pack with lights and sound?  Contact us.


What's a good costume without accessories.  Pouches, bags, holsters. We can also make items that provide that little bit of extra support for individuals who are challenged (For example - the rifle in these pictures also doubles as a cane if needed.)  Got something in mind?  Let us know.

Want a pufflywick or a bowtruckle for a companion?   Want a mechanical horse or maybe a dragon? 

Fantastical Beasts and Where To Find One......

Don't see what  you're looking for?  Contact me and WE'LL MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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